Total Musicianship for Marching Percussion

Total Musicianship for Marching Percussion




Total Musicianship for Marching Percussion is a beginning – intermediate battery method designed to take students from Novice to A Class in 9 chapters.  All warmups and reading content are designed to be practiced to a playlist of the user’s favorite tunes, developing listening skills in perfect sync with technique, vocabulary, and critical thinking.


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  • Vocabulary – Rhythm is a language, with “words” and phrases. Boost reading skills with pattern recognition and focused breakdowns.

  • Listening – Developing the ear is just as important as technique and reading. Loop-based jam activities emphasize listening while you play, promoting pulse and subdivision awareness.

  • Technique – Embedded warmups and helpful hints maintain a great pace with lesson content.

  • Critical Thinking – Analysis and anticipation are part of the process from the very first lesson. Hands-on writing and labeling steps make reflective practice a habit.