Learning Method

Listening First

Our method puts listening and ensemble awareness FIRST, no matter what.  Best of all, learners do it all through immersion in a playlist of their favorite tunes, making practice a blast!!

Critical Thinking

Development of subdivision accuracy, pattern recognition, and phrasing analysis are all promoted through thinking “check points” in lessons.  Hands-on “mark ups” - circling, labeling, and note-taking - are embedded in our method books, page by page.  Our students take charge of their own learning, masters of accuracy and anticipation.


It’s all about teamwork between grip and mechanics through the hinges (pivot points) of wrist and elbow.  From our very first warmup, Grip 1-2-3, all of the exercises build good habits that keep perfect pace with the curriculum.  Every warmup is designed to be played with the learner’s Practice Playlist, making chops a ton of fun to develop.