Who We Are

Mad Beatz Music

Mad Beatz Music was founded in 2010 by Jesse Mell as an outgrowth of his work in Philadelphia public schools. The company is dedicated to bridging the gap between the music we love and our ability to play it. All of our activities and publications are designed to develop an organic union between listening skills, great technique, and musical IQ.


Jesse Mell

Jesse Mell has been teaching percussion to students of all ages since 1997. A graduate of Temple University, he attributes much of his influence to Erik Johnson, now a drum set teacher at University of the Arts. In his lessons with Erik, Jesse developed a strong musical IQ through listening studies and training in “whole sound” awareness. During his time at Temple, Jesse also marched with the Crossmen and Reading Buccaneers Drum and Bugle Corps.

Since graduating Temple in 2002, Jesse has been a full time percussion teacher with Philadelphia School District. Challenging environments have led him to develop a learning system that is accessible by students of diverse intelligences and abilities. His proprietary method has simplified great musicianship to four domains, achievable by all.

Jesse has taught competitive percussion ensembles and marching bands that have won at the regional level, and he is invested in bringing the same success to public school programs in Philadelphia. Today, Jesse is the director of a network of percussion programs in the city, known as Musicopia Drumlines, as well as the director of Mad Beatz Philly, an experimental ensemble that blends marching percussion, drum kits, and popular music spun by a live DJ!  Always excited for new sounds and artistry, Jesse spends much of his time absorbing the latest that popular music and the percussive world have to offer.